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Monday, June 6, 2016

On The Border Southwest Chicken Tacos Recipe

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These taco's are loaded with mesquite grilled chicken, crispy onions, cheddar cheese and a creamy red chili sauce.

On The Border Southwest Chicken Tacos

On The Border Southwest Chicken Tacos Recipe with mesquite grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, crispy onions and creamy red chili sauce.

Southwest chicken taco's with a creamy red chili sauce, fried onions, cheddar cheese and grilled chicken, have become this families favorite dish when we go to 'On The Border' restaurant. It is about time that we started making it for ourselves and save a bit of money. On The Border is our favorite Mexican restaurant. All of their taco dishes come with Mexican rice and choice of either black beans or refried beans. They also are served with their signature tortillas and salsa. The bean recipes and the Mexican rice recipes are on this blog. (I will provide the links below) The salsa recipe will be provided at a later time. Please check back often for it.

The chicken can be done two ways. For a more 'On The Border' feel, the chicken is grilled and sliced. We used a shredded chicken with a taco seasoning for this particular instance. You can find the grilled chicken recipe here and the shredded chicken recipe here.

The best part of these tacos is the creamy red chili sauce. It is quite spicy when eaten by itself but when complimented with the rest of the taco it accent it nicely. Find the recipe here.

The crispy onions are really easy to make if you have a deep fryer or don't mind stove top deep frying. You can always use French's crispy onions but it isn't quite the same. Find our recipe here.

Boxed Mexican rice is perfectly acceptable in this recipe but if you would like our recipe, find it here.

Usually refried beans are quite bland traditionally, but when we make it we add flavor. Find our recipe here.

On The Borders black beans are pretty decent but when we make them, we kick them up a notch in the spicy category. Find our recipe here.

A close up of our on the border southwest chicken tacos on flour tortillas with our creamy refried beans and mexi-rice.

When building the taco, put the chicken first then the red chili sauce to allow the flavor to get into the meat. Then top it with the crispy fried onions and the cheddar cheese. The cilantro on the above photo is optional. The recipe below assumes that everything is already cooked as we try to work ahead as much as possible.

On the Border Southwest Chicken Tacos Recipe

Prep Time:
Cook time:
Yield: 12 Tacos

Taco Ingredients
1 Lb Chicken, Shredded
12 Each Flour Tortillas
1 Cup Creamy Red Chili Sauce
1 Cup Crispy Fried Onions
1 Cup Shredded Cheddar

Optional Ingredients
2 Lime, Wedges
1 Bunch Cilantro, Chopped

Recommended Sides
2 Cups Mexican Rice
2 Cups Refried Beans
1.5 Lbs On The Border Tortilla Chips
47 Oz On The Border Salsa

  1. Make sure everything is heated to 165°F when ready to build your plates.
  2. Build taco's and eat immediately
  3. Build another and eat again!


  1. None of your receipts that I've seen so far include measurements for the ingredients. How do you expect anything to work without them??!!

    1. How do you expect everything to work with them? Go to any recipe page on any recipe blog/website and you see comments as to how the recipe did not work for someone. My recipes are a guideline and will rarely have exact amounts.

      The recipes here are geared towards kids helping in the kitchen and allow for freedom in the amounts so that, for the most part, they will turn out with changes and omissions.

      If you need any more clarification then please, comment on that recipe and I will do my best to clear it up! - At this link you can find some of the reasons why we don't use recipes. - At this link we show you another reason to get rid of recipes. You will find that a lot of recipes are essentially the same and if you can memorize the basic process you then just 'memorize' hundreds of recipes because you just change the ingredients you put in.