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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bulk Frozen Chicken Breasts - Why should you be using it!

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Skinless Whole Chicken Breast

Bulk Frozen Chicken Breasts

Why should I be buying bulk frozen chicken breasts?

Chicken ... chicken is probably one of the most commonly used ingredients in the world today with boneless skinless chicken breasts being the most common cut. We see so much chicken that most of us are probably sick of cooking AND eating it. Well, it's cheap so it's become a way of life. There are two things we can do to make it not as boring; One is to develop new recipes that are super easy to make that are not the same ol' same ol'. The second is to do somethings in advance to make cooking chicken easier for you. Enter the bulk frozen chicken breasts!

Why buying bulk frozen chicken breasts are great:

  • Buying bulk frozen chicken breasts are usually up to 40% cheaper than buying fresh chicken breasts.
  • While the product is frozen, it has been frozen very shortly after being processed so it is a very fresh product when thawed.
  • Its convenient! Just pull what you need out of the freezer and your good to go.

We love bulk frozen chicken breasts here at Chef D&D. With Chef Olivia still being too small for a knife, frozen chicken breasts take a step out while teaching her to love cooking and getting to the basics of just making food. We can always work on knife skills later in her budding culinary career.

Having the chicken breast frozen and always available in the freezer means that we can buy it in bulk from the store and not have to worry about it going bad before it can be used.

What I love best about bulk frozen chicken breast is there is now ooey gooey chicken ooze to clean up after opening the package of fresh chicken breasts. You can take the chicken right from the bulk frozen chicken breast bag and stick it right into the crock pot, stove top or oven. There are sometimes, though, that we need to let it thaw and use it in another way. We prefer the bulk frozen chicken breasts because they are so much cheaper than fresh chicken breasts.

How to Prep Thawed Frozen Chicken Breasts

Chef Olivia LOVES getting her hands dirty to prep chicken breasts for the grill or for frying. Her favorite part is SMASHING the breasts flat with a hammer. Check it out in the video below. Usually the bulk frozen chicken that you can get frozen at the grocery store is much too thick to use in most dishes, unless you are shredding it  so Chef Daddy recommends that you follow what Chef Olivia does in the video.

Be sure that your chicken is completely thawed and then season it a bit. We use plastic wrap to help prevent the spread of bacteria as we smash the chicken. Once flattened your chicken is ready for use. From here you can grill it, bread it or find another use for it. Be sure to watch the video above to best see how it is done.

If you are worried about the possibilities of spreading bacteria (which is always a concern with raw meat products or that you find this process far to tedious you can always by 5oz bulk frozen chicken breasts that are already flattened and ready for use. This particular frozen chicken comes 16 pieces per bag and two bags per case. It is recommended that you either cook it directly from frozen if you are not breading it to prevent the possible spread of bacteria. If breading it, thaw it in a separate container with a lid on it over night in the refrigerator.

What if I thaw too much?

It's never a good idea to refreeze raw chicken breast. If you thaw too much chicken, you should just go ahead and cook it up. It can then be chopped up and can be frozen in it's processed form to be used at a later time.

What other convenience items are available?

Sometimes we are short on time or we are feeling lazy and need a few chicken products that are convenient for quick use.

  • Frozen Cooked Diced Chicken Breast - This product is great for soups, chicken chilies or anything that you need diced chicken in. This product I would only use if it is going into something. If you want to eat it chicken by it's self I recommend:
  • Frozen Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast - These are great for eating by themselves, in a chicken Caesar salad or as a chicken sandwich.
  • Frozen Breaded Chicken Breasts - This product comes in handy if you do not have time to bread chicken yourself. Great for chicken Parmesan or breaded chicken sandwiches. If you do not have a deep fryer, that is just fine. You can 'fry' this in the oven at 425°F, just spray both sides with a heavy amount of pan spray.

Wow, that is AWESOME!

Now that we have some things to make cooking chicken faster and easier it's time to find some fast and easy recipes for chicken. So, don't forget to check out our chicken recipes for something different to try.

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